Parijat (Night-Flowering Jasmine) is a contemporary drama that explores a Qatari woman's struggle for self-determination, as she battles to save her family's third-generation perfume business. Sahira (28), a Doha native of mixed ancestry, has exiled herself in London at the first opportunity, deliberately putting a distance between herself and her suffocating Qatari family, in particular her demanding mother. She's married to a Pakistani Briton, and the couple is planning to start a family, as she feels a strong need to put down some roots. But the feeling of inadequacy lingers on, as she never fully becomes a part of her husband's creative community. Her life in London is disrupted when her grandfather dies. On returning to Qatar for the funeral, she's suddenly faced with the responsibility of taking over the ailing company from her erratic father – and obliged to move back into the family home that she fled 10 years ago. Despite strong resistance from her family, she sets a rejuvenation process for the company in motion, gradually overcoming the prejudice stacked against her as a woman and a relative ‘outsider’. But it’s a process that ultimately leads to the disintegration of her marriage, forcing her to confront her conflicted cultural identity, her troubled family history and the powerful sense of rootlessness that accompanies them both. Cut loose from her old life in London, she takes a creative leap of faith, attempting to take her grandfather's legacy into the 21st century. When a powerful new player arrives on the local perfume scene, her temporary success is knocked on the head, and she has to declare bankruptcy. The final loss of her business is attended by the gain of something far greater. She no longer has to please everybody. She's at peace with herself.

Parijat is a collaboration with film director Hend Fakhroo. Developed with a grant from the Doha Film Institute in Qatar.