2009 Eastman Kodak announced the end of Kodachrome production. Between January and November 2010, I photographed 36 drum sets, using an old roll of Kodachrome film with 36 exposures (expiration date: December 1972). The image formation is always the same: Upright format with the drums taking up the full width of the image. A handheld flash is aimed directly at the bass drum. There are no people in the image.

I used two identical cameras: One contained the Kodachrome; the other was loaded with Kodak Ektachrome reversal film for a backup shot. I took one single shot of each drum set. I sure saw a lot of shows! I found a lab in North Dakota that was able to process the old Kodachrome as black and white negatives. Because an exhibition of this work was scheduled to open before the lab returned my negatives, a selection from the back-up color film was printed as large format posters. They sold out within 90 minutes! In October 2012, an artists book with the images from the original kodachrome film was published:

Caroline Palla's The Yen-Yen: Thirtysix Drum Sets
36 black & white photographs, duotone offset print
18.5 x 27.5 cm, softcover, 64 pages
2012, 1. edition of 100 copies, CHF 60
available at
Buchhandlung Kunstgriff, Zurich, Switzerland

Exhibition poster  

Zweiter Fruehling at Sihlbogen Zurich Leimbach. June 5 2010. Inkjet on poster paper (50x78cm)


Installation view at Rote Fabrik  

Front cover  

Back cover  

Spread from the book  

Monoski. Hacienda, Sierre. October 30, 2010