Going Inside consists of roughly 50 photographs showcasing the innards of people's medicine chests. The photographs were compiled for an artist's book I completed to obtain my degree as a designer. Parallel to the book production, I pasted a bunch of these images in neglected locations such as highway overpasses and facades of abandoned buildings. Time and deterioration from the elements have rendered some of these as mere fragments of their original form.

Three images were removed from their outside location, restored and boxed in plexiglass cases for the diploma exhibition at Zurich University of the Arts.

Laserprint on paper (150x120 cm), wheatpaste. Location: Sihlhochstrasse, Zurich, Switzerland.  

Laserprint on paper (150x120 cm), wheatpaste. Location: Ottenbergstrasse, Zurich, Switzerland.  

Book design by the lovely Miss Lombardi  




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