PIHKAL: People I Have Known And Loved

Nella Lombardi, Zurich. Printmaking, illustration and graphic design

Disco Doom. Music from inner and outer space.

Marc Fischer from Chicago's Temporary Services.
A friendship initiated by our parents. Thanks, Mom!

Christian Lehmann, double ace designer.

Natalie Hauswirth, the found footage master.

Le Laboratoire d'Ingenierie d'Idees de Raphaele Bidault-Waddington, Paris:
LIID (Idea Engineering Laboratory)

Re-Kreayshawnal copycats Kueng Caputo will mess with your head

Jackie Brutsche, Switzerland's very own Renaissance woman

This Long Century. Personal insights from artists, authors, filmmakers, musicians and cultural icons the world over, edited by Stefan Pietsch & Jason Evans.

Browse the entire archive of interviews Lynn Hershman conducted with feminist artists over a period of 42 years for her film !W.A.R.! (2010).

The Bomb Archive provides access to the ongoing history of artists' dialogue generated by BOMB since 1981.

Caroline Palla is a member of NEAR: Swiss association for contemporary photography

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